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Acclaimed journalist and best-selling author Jonathan Eig blows the lid off the Al Capone story. Based on never-before-seen government documents and newly discovered letters written by Al Capone himself, GET CAPONE presents America’s greatest gangster as you’ve never seen him before.

The author, a former reporter for The Wall Street Journal, brings his uncompromising standards for research and his superb knack for storytelling to one of the most thrilling stories in American history. This eye-opening biography reveals that Capone was the target of one of the most intense criminal investigations in American history — with orders coming directly from the White House. And, despite his many misdeeds, Capone may have been the victim of a rigged trial.

GET CAPONE also offers a bold new theory to explain the Valentine's Day Massacre — and sheds new light on Capone's connection to the crime.

Get Capone Tour Dates

Jonathan Eig will be doing talks, Q&As and book signings at locations across the country this spring and summer. Take a look at the (306) 865-3703.

Chicago Gangland Tour App

(215) 714-6453 Avoid the tour buses and take your own app-guided tour of Gangland Chicago with Jonathan Eig, best-selling author of Get Capone.

Your iPhone will take you from Al Capone's humble house on the South Side to the vacant lot where seven men died in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Along the way stop off at some of the bars where Capone supplied the beer.

You get crisp photos of historic crime scenes as they appear today, accompanied by Eig's brief essays on the men and the murders that made Gangland Chicago such a legend. Eig is a longtime Chicagoan and his brilliant historical summaries were written exclusively for this app.

And if you're reading Get Capone, you can use this app to see where the crimes took place and what the sites look like today.

When you're done, you'll know Gangland Chicago better than Al Capone himself.

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